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Buy white, black, and wooden tallboys online in Australia

A tallboy is an essential addition to anyone's bedroom. Not only does it help to complete the bedroom's look, but it also provides the much-needed additional storage for bedroom items. It's especially ideal for anyone who has much to store but few storage units to use. Choosing the right tallboy can be a challenge, what with the different sizes, shapes, styles, and designs available. Jim's Decor gathers a wide variety from as far as we can get to bring them to you. If you are very tight on space, you should consider getting a long tallboy with many shelves so that it can take smaller floor space. A long tallboy is also a good choice. You can also choose a short tallboy if you need to place a mirror on top of it, or you want to use it as a bedside table too. The material will depend on several factors, such as the style you want to go with. Wooden tallboys are almost obvious choices as they go well with the bed, bedside tables, nightstand, and nearly every other pieces of furniture in the bedroom. Wood is also quite steady, and unlike metal which rusts over time and gradually weakens, it will stay strong for a very long while. Visit our store and explore the various options you can choose from. You will certainly not lack a tallboy that matches your taste and preference here.

Tallboys for sale with Afterpay in Australia

You can now purchase tallboys from our store on credit. This is made possible by Afterpay which enables customers to our purchase the furniture and pay for it in instalments over some time, usually eight weeks. Afterpay is a leading Australian financial technology company that provides one of the most convenient and easy ways to buy goods on credit. Replacing a tallboy or even getting a new one can barely be considered as an emergency until it becomes one. People save up for many things, and room redecorating is not one unless they have specifically planned to do so. If not, you will be surprised to find that you need a new tallboy fast, yet you don't have enough money to pay for it at that moment. This is why Jim's Decor has partnered with Afterpay: to make sure that you can get your tallboy and pay for it later. Once you visit the store and find the tallboy you want to bring home, add Afterpay as your payment option. You will be required to pay a specified amount as the initial deposit. This will depend on how much the tallboy is. The remaining figure can be paid in four instalments that will be deducted from your credit card automatically every two weeks. The delivery will be made upon purchase, and you can have your tallboy immediately after paying the deposit.

We Have a Great Collection of Tallboys For You To Choose From

No bedroom is complete without furniture, including the bed and bedside tables. Tallboys are also an essential addition that not only finish the look but also add some familiarity and style to the room. Jim's Decor avails a variety of bedroom furniture or your choosing depending on what you are looking for. We have a vast collection of tallboys from in and outside Australia, sorted out according to your preference in terms of material, colour, design, style, brand, size and even the shape. We make it easy for you to match your tallboy with the rest of the bedroom decor by availing a variety of colours and shades for your choosing. We even have bedroom sets that come with customised tallboys. There are some for kids' bedrooms, teenagers and also standard customisable types. Jim’s Decor has partnered with some of the most reputable furniture manufacturers and distributors in and outside the country to make sure that you never run out of choices while shopping at our store. All our tallboys are of high quality and guaranteed to serve you for years. They are also safe for use as long as they are handled appropriately.


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20 products