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Breakfast Bar Stools, Kitchen Stools, Delivering Australia Wide

Jim's Decor provides a wide variety of bar and kitchen Stools online for our customers in Australia to choose from. There is no better way to start your day than having breakfast with style. Bar stools should be chosen carefully to match the rest of the bar decor. You should know the height of your dining counter so that you can find the stools of the perfect height. If they are too tall or too short, they will be uncomfortable. They will also look awkward when viewing them together with the counter. When deciding the number of Stools you need, make sure you put the available space into consideration. There should be enough personal space between every two Stools to allow for comfort as well as space to move in and out. Your Stools should also provide enough leg room so that they don't press against the counter uncomfortably when eating. The material you will need on your ideal Stools will depend on certain factors such as how durable you need them to be, the ease of cleaning, the style you want to blend with and also the price. Wood, for instance, is often expensive and is generally not a good idea as you will be expecting a lot of spills. Metal gives a sleek look but will rust fast in a humid or wet environment. We offer an assortment of different styles, themes, and even unique customisations for you to choose from. With so many options from both within and outside Australia, it is impossible to lack a stool that will complete your kitchen's decor. Come choose from our wide range of bar and kitchen stools that are made to suit your dining needs stylishly.

Use Afterpay To Purchase Black Stools and Furniture Online

Afterpay is an Australian financial technology company that provides a means of paying for items using credit. When you purchase a product from one of the stores it is affiliated with, you can choose to pay with Afterpay where you pay for the goods in instalments. To use Afterpay, you pay a deposit upon purchase. The amount will depend on the item you are buying. The rest of the amount is divided into four instalments that are payable every two weeks. The payments are automatically deducted from the credit card every fortnight until all of them are fully paid. Our partnership with Afterpay ensures that our customers have access to our bar and kitchen Stools even when they don't have the full amount on purchase. All you need to do, is visit our store, check out the Stools available, choose the one(s) that match your taste, and select Afterpay as your payment method. A deposit amount will be calculated and deducted from your credit card, and you can pay the rest in instalments. This makes it easy to complete your home decor or redecorate your kitchen and bar even when you don't have the full amount to do so.

Take A Look at Our Amazing Stool Collection

Stools are an essential component of the breakfast or dining counter (unless your family prefers taking their meals while standing!).  They should be chosen carefully for not just the appearance but also the comfort of the people using them. They are great for adding to your kitchen or bar counter's decor. Jim's Decor Australia has gathered a fantastic collection of bar and kitchen stools from the most reputable manufacturers in and outside Australia. You can get awesome sets from the entire world on our site at affordable prices. We are very fast at shipping, so you don't have to wait for days. Whether you are looking for a specific colour or shade, design, height, material or style, you are guaranteed to find stools that will blow your mind in our store. We have all types, some custom-made and other customisable. We work closely with Afterpay to make sure that you can purchase any kitchen and bar stools in our store without paying the full amount at once. With this payment plan, affordable instalments are deducted from the credit card every fortnight for eight weeks. You only need to pay an initial deposit, and you can take home your stools.


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35 products

35 products