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Timber Bedside Tables With Drawers And Furniture Online

While it's true that a bed is the most critical piece in a bedroom, it can hardly be considered complete without a bedside table or two. Bedside tables not only complete the look but also have other functions. The function of every bedside table will depend on its type. Generally, the table provides a surface to place things such as a lamp, books, and other items that one may bring to bed. Bedside tables that come with shelves offer additional storage space for keeping personal items. Nightstands are usually made to hold a lamp and sometimes, they come with additional space for other small items such as clocks. Bedside cabinets, on the other hand, are larger with a lot of storage units. They typically come with several shelves and are ideal if you need extra space. There are also other simpler bedside tables that could easily fit in anywhere else in the house. Timber is an excellent choice of material as it is quite stylish and can easily match the bed and other furniture in the bedroom. It's easy to clean (a simple wipe with a wet cloth should do it) and is quite durable, as long as it is not exposed to harmful conditions such as moisture. Jim's Decor offers all these types of bedside tables, and all of them come with class and style. They are either made in Australia or imported, and there is a large variety to choose from. 

Buy Modern Bedside Tables With Afterpay in Australia

Sometimes, budgets are simply too tight to allow what some may call luxuries, such as redecorating a bedroom. Unless you save money specifically for that purpose, the need to do so usually strikes when you are unprepared for it. It may be your guest room, your children's room, or even yours that urgently needs new bedside tables. If you ever find yourself in such a situation without enough money to get them at once, do not worry.  Jim's Decor has partnered with Afterpay to enable our customers to purchase furniture using credit. The payment is made through instalments that are usually done four times every two weeks. An initial deposit is calculated during purchase and depends on the price of the items being purchased. It is then deducted from the credit card. The remaining amount is divided into four instalments that are automatically deducted from the credit card every fortnight. This makes it possible for anyone looking to finish their bedroom decor or redecorate it in a short notice do so, even without the full amount. It is very convenient and is aimed to make sure that you can still get your bedside table and other furniture from our store when you need them, even without the full amount at hand. Delivery is done as usual, and you don't have to wait eight weeks to finally pay off the entire amount and take home your bedside table.

Check Out Our Vast Collection of Bedside Tables At Jim’s Decor

Bedside tables are almost indispensable for anyone who needs to complete the look, style and finish of their bedrooms. Without them, the bedroom may look noticeably emptier. You would also be unable to use night lamps unless they are tall enough to be placed on the floor. It would be inconveniencing to get up every morning and walk to a tallboy or closet shelf to turn off the alarm. Locally, Jim's Decor has gathered a fantastic selection of bedside tables for you to choose from. We have made careful consideration for your specific needs in terms of style, design, brand, material, colour and size. We have gathered an excellent selection from the most reputable names in the furniture industry in and outside Australia to make sure that we have the best bedside tables in the world. Payment is hardly a problem; we have partnered with Afterpay Australia to make sure that you get what you want when you want it and pay later. You can pay for the table of your choice in eight weeks over four instalments. Visit us today and check out what we have in store.

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21 products