Things To Consider When Buying a Bed for your Child

When it’s time for your child to move from a cot to their first bed, you’ll want to choose the best bed and mattress that will ensure they sleep comfortably through the night. While to many parents buying a bed for a toddler would mean getting them something affordable and comfortable to sleep on, it’s not as simple as it may seem – you'll need to consider some other important factors when getting your child their first bed. Since your child will be using this bed for the first time, you should ensure that it's not only safe but also convenient for them.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing your toddler’s first bed.


Before carrying your child’s bed home, you should determine whether it’s safe for them. You wouldn’t want your baby to fall off the bed on the first night – it would be a scary and discouraging experience for them. Therefore, when buying them a bed, ensure it has safety rails on either side to prevent them from slipping out during the night. The rails should also be narrow so that they don’t get their hands or legs stuck. Additionally, make sure the bed isn’t too far from the floor so that if they happen to fall, they don’t get hurt.

Sturdy Construction and Design

Your child’s bed will be subjected to frequent jumping and bouncing, and that only means a sturdy construction is a must if at all you want them to use it for the longest time. As you choose a bed for your child, ensure its structure is made of hardwood. Even though solid wood structures cost more, they’re durable and they’ll give your toddler a better experience than other cheap materials. On top of durability, don’t forget to customize your toddler’s bed into something they can relate to. For instance, you can paint the bed or have it designed with their favorite cartoon character.


While buying a bed for your child, try to find something that’s pocket-friendly. There’s no need of spending a lot on something that they won’t use into adulthood. There’s a wide variety to choose from, and depending on the amount you’re willing to spend, you’ll always get what suits your child’s needs. However, even as you go for an affordable choice, don’t let a cheap price override the importance of safety – ensure the bed is both affordable and safe for your little one.


While you may not get them a queen size bed, whichever bed you buy them should have enough space for them to bounce and jump freely. Sometimes they just want to play on their bed, and they’ll only find it comfortable if it’s spacious. There’s a wide range of bed sizes available for your child, and, therefore, you should be able to get what you think is right for them. If you can’t find what you’re looking for from the furniture store, you can one customized to your needs.

As you buy a bed for your toddler, consider the factors above so that you carry home the right bed for them.