The Difference Between a King Size Bed and a Super King Size Bed

These days, the range of beds available in the market is quite extensive. Usually, before deciding on the right one, the most of the crucial considerations boils down to the size.  

Is the height okay? Will it fit the bedroom? Is it wide enough for two people to sleep comfortably? The questions go on and on probably sufficient to make the buyer despair.

But, while concerns about the size are cross-cutting, perhaps the most common question revolves around the difference between a King Size and Super King Size bed. How do the dimensions of the two compare? Now, if you intend to make a purchase for the first time and you are not sure which way to go- this for you. 

Here’s a brief guide to settle the confusion.

First, it’s essential to note that bed sizes are based on the dimensions of the mattress they are designed to hold. Why is this? The real size of the bed frame may vary depending on the shape, style or even construction material. To avoid confusion, going with the measurements of the mattress seems more practical and reliable.

So, yes! The difference between Super King Size and King Size goes back to the physical dimensions of the mattress.

Until now, the Super King Size Bed remains the largest ever. A relatively recent arrival, it takes a mattress of about 203 cm by 203 cm (Width X Length). And being the Titanic of beds- the Super King offers more than enough sleeping space for two no matter their body build. In essence, if you are the type that literally spreads over like a star, the breadth will suffice.

On the other hand, King Size comes as the second largest standard bed size. Unlike the Super King, which has matching length and width, this has a more extended height. Specifically, the measurements are about 183 cm by 203 cm (Width X Length). Although the King Size offers slightly less breadth than the Super King Size, it provides almost just as much sleep area.

Yes! That’s it.


If you have a smaller bed frame that doesn’t cut it at your current lifestyle, both options could be what you need to earn yourself more sleeping space. Of course, the obvious challenge is that you’ll need to concede more physical space of your bedroom.