Reasons Why You Need a Bigger Bed

On average, we spend a third of our lives in bed, meaning the quality of our beds should be a priority. How comfortable you are in your bed determines the quality of your sleep, which is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. A good night sleep means you’ll function well throughout the day. There are also numerous other health benefits associated with good sleep. One of the problems that affect the quality of our sleep is partner disturbance. Though there are many other factors that can affect your sleep, being disturbed by your partner whenever they turn in bed can affect the quality of sleep you have. For this reason, having a bed with sufficient space would mean you have a better and more peaceful sleep.

A good sized bed means you can lay in bed with your partner side by side, arms behind your head and the elbows out, without touching each other. This also means that while you do this, none of you has their elbows hanging out of the bed. If this is possible with your current bed, then its size should just be fine. Otherwise, there are many king sized bed frames for sale. These you can purchase from your local store or order online and have them delivered at your convenience.

Here are a few reasons why you need to consider getting a bigger bed.

  1. Couples Sleep Better in a Bigger Bed

A bigger bed guarantees that you get to sleep well throughout the night without any disturbance from your partner. A wider bed means you can spread out without complaints or restrictions from your partner. Another advantage is that if you’re a partner who snores, sleep talks, tosses and turns during the night, a bigger bed should at least solve quite a number of these issues.

  1. Improves Sleep

A comfortable bed means you get to sleep through the night peacefully without any interference. This essentially translates to quality sleep, which in turn means you’ll be less irritable, less prone to illness and more focused throughout the day.

  1. You Spend One-Third of Your Life in Bed

Just the mere fact that you spend as much as a third of your life in bed should inform the need to ensure that you have quality sleep at night. Making a third of your life uncomfortable doesn’t make sense, does it? And the fact that this discomfort would spread to the rest of the hours of your day means you can’t compromise on your sleep. Keep in mind that by the time you hit 50 years old, you’ll have practically spent 16 years of your life in bed. That alone presents the importance of having quality sleep. This starts by ensuring you have a bigger bed to lessen the chances of disturbances that interrupt sleep. Even if you sleep on the bed alone, more space means you can spread out without any fear and enjoy a peaceful free night’s sleep.

  1. It is Good for Your Health

Poor quality of sleep has been connected to several health complications. And because getting a bigger bed is a good step towards getting quality sleep, it’s an important thing to consider. The health benefits associated with good sleep cannot be ignored.

  1. Super for Family and Pets

It’s always an amazing feeling to wake up in the morning, only to notice your little one cuddle in between you and your partner. But it becomes very uncomfortable when there is not enough space to accommodate all of you. As a result, what would have been a great family time becomes stressful. A bigger bed, therefore, is a great way to turn your room into a social area for the entire family.

  1. Comfort

This may be the overall reason why you should get a bigger bed. Those few extra centimetres both in length and width essentially mean absolute comfort. You can stretch your legs and arms as much as you want and you get to sleep in any position you desire.

With all the outlined benefits above, you can’t help but think bigger.