How to Choose the Ideal Nightstand/Bedside Table

A nightstand is an indispensable piece of bedroom furniture for many reasons. First and foremost, you can always look up to it for convenient storage of items you’d like to have next to the bed. 

Similarly, although the bed is the centerpiece in the bedroom, it’s the accompaniments like the nightstand that adds the visual flavour and showcases the sense style. 

What else? With a well-designed product, you can easily balance the arrangement of the most intimate space in any home. The list goes on and on…perhaps too many to note down.

But, with the extensive range of alternative units in different shapes, styles, and colours, how do you pick out the best fit for your needs?

Here are some essential pointers that can help you find the most functional addition to the side of your bed. 

  • Match up with your bed

Usually, the nightstand takes a spot on either side of the bed.  As such, it should match up to the bed in every way. For instance, you need to ensure you can access items on it without getting off the bed. The height is particularly of primary importance – the right height should be about the same level as the mattress. Going a few inches below or above is okay. Then again, look for something that pleases the eye and blends with the design of the bed.

  • Check out the right build material

The type of material used in crafting a nightstand should form the basis of your decision. Why? The material influences durability, ease of cleaning, style, among other things. Wood is by far the most popular option for it is easy to match up with the rest of the furniture. All the same, you can go for what you feel matches your tastes and preferences. 

  • Match up to your interior decor

While you want a product that is functional, ensure the styling does not clash with the underlying interior design. The style should be purposefully tuned to complement and enhance the overall look of your room. From the color to the shape and overall outlook, everything should be optimized to complement other furnishings and fitting in the room. You don’t want it to appear dramatic and overbearing, so keep it minimal.

  • Consider ample storage provision

There are some essential accessories you would like to keep nearby when sleeping. Talk of reading glasses, a book, an alarm clock, and more. Depending on the number of items you want to be accommodated by the bedside, make sure the unit of choice has sufficient capacity. You can consider one that includes drawers and open shelving. Bottom line, the items should fit perfectly enabling hassle-free retrieval.


Choosing the ideal nightstand is more or less a question of style and functionality. A good pick should, therefore, deliver both aesthetic value and performance. It beats logic to have something stunning but offers nothing more. And while filtering out your options can be daunting, going for what appeals to your personality, sense of style could give you the best results easily.