How to Arrange Furniture: Living Room

When it comes to decorating your home, it’s normal to find yourself standing in an empty room and not knowing where to start from. While there are many things to consider – personal aesthetic, your home décor, and theme color, the best way to begin is to identify a furniture layout for your home, and especially the living room. You need to determine the arrangement of sofas and any other furniture that’s meant for this space.

Achieving the appropriate furniture arrangement isn’t easy, but with a few simple guidelines, you should be able to get this done. If you’ve got no idea where to start from, the following tips will be of great help.

Measure the living from wall to wall

To ensure the furniture fit perfectly in your living room, get the appropriate dimension for the room. Knowing the length and width of the available space will help you figure out what to place where. Once you’ve done this, you should get the measurements of the furnishings you want to include in this space so that it’s easier to position them. To simplify this, you can have the floor plan drawn on a piece of paper using an appropriate scale to represent the real measurements, and then try putting the furniture pieces in drawing taking note of their measurements.

Establish the focal point of your living room

Some focal points occur naturally like a fireplace, but if you don’t have a focal point for your living room, you can decide on one that will help you with space planning. For instance, your TV can be a perfect focal point or a big window in the living room. Once you’ve decided on this, your furniture arrangement can fall into place around it. If your focal point is a fireplace, you’ll most likely have a semi-circular furniture arrangement around the hearth with seats a bit close to each other for easier interaction with family and friends. For living rooms with neither a fireplace nor a TV, having a central focal point would do. You can have a circular arrangement whereby, you place the sofas around a table with chairs placed in the gaps between the sofas.

Arrange tables and storage cabinets

Once you’ve arranged the sofas around the focal point, the next thing is to determine the appropriate place to set the tables and the storage cabinets. In most living rooms, a coffee table is normally placed in the middle of the sofas and the chairs. Depending on the available space, you can have side tables placed around the main table, ensuring you leave enough space between furniture pieces where people need to pass. If your dining is within the living room, you can have a wooden bar stools that blend with the sofa’s décor to make your home look stylish.

If you follow these simple guidelines in arranging your living room furniture, you’ll achieve your desired layout. Even as you arrange the furniture items, always ensure the room is spacious. Avoid unnecessary furniture pieces that would otherwise make the room feel congested.