Choosing the Right Colour Scheme for Your Lifestyle

When it comes to home decoration, choosing the right colour scheme is as important as selecting furniture and fittings. Naturally, the shades have a considerable impact on the overall feel and appeal of the living space. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything else that stimulates visual perception and emotions as colour.

Quite simply, it’s the colour scheme that underscores every other aspect of design and style. Of course, other factors like room architecture and arrangement contributes to the appearance, but it’s the hues that come as the final piece of the puzzle. 

Need some inspiration to choose the perfect colour scheme for your lifestyle? Read on and learn some great ideas that can help you pick what lives up to your personality and style.

  • Draw on usual inspirations
  • Colours are personal and what pleases your imagination is simply the right thing. You don’t have to go by typical book rules to arrive at the dream colour scheme. When researching or brainstorming on an ideal pick, start by noting down all the palettes that delight you just by looking at them. Whether on a magazine, books, or online, most likely what you feel comfortable staring at can inspire the look of your home. 

  • Get ideas from existing possessions
  • At the end of the day, you need to find a colour style that speaks to your tastes and defines your personality. The chances are that selected furnishings, artwork, and fabric that you already have are doing just that though subtly. Sometimes you don’t have to look elsewhere; colours from what’s already in the room can lay the foundation from which everything else draws.

  • Start from ground-up
  • One popular way to figure out shades that define the look of the whole house is letting what’s on the floor form the basis of the styling. Specifically, consider starting from the rag. If you feel like the colour could enhance the atmosphere and energy of your space-go for it. 

  • Consider the size of your space
  • Interestingly, colours can influence the perceived spaciousness of a room. Generally, dark shades are considered overpowering and tend to make spaces feel crowded and intimate. Conversely, light hues open up space and make rooms appear larger. Depending on how you want your space to feel these commonplace perceptions can help you decide.

  • Take into account the lighting
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, lighting sits at the core of decor and style across living spaces. Different sources of light do have varying impact on the appearance of a colour. The deflections and reflections that keep changing at different times of the day or seasons can leave you looking at a totally different scheme to what you thought. Consider testing and observing the impact light has beforehand and then adapt accordingly.

  • Make use of technology and trends
  • Well, if nothing seems to be working from within, you could try out technology. Currently, there are many interactive tools online designed to help users explore different colour combinations. You can take advantage of them and perhaps you can bump on a scheme that works for your style. Similarly, you can copy and customize some trending colour schemes being fronted online by respected professionals.


    Deciding on the ideal colour scheme for your lifestyle can be exciting and exhausting too. Whether you just got to a new home or doing a complete makeover, don’t lose your mind if your ideas don’t work right away. It is never a do or die affair- sometimes experimenting with a few options before settling for what interest you is the best way out.