Choosing the Right Bar Stools

Perhaps you’ve installed kitchen counters, tall dining tables, or a tall basement in the gaming room, but you’ve no idea of what would make the perfect stools for the sitting around. While the bar stools are essentials in this scenario, you need to make a lot of considerations before you scoop up a set from the multiple choices available in the market. Depending on whether you want to stay stationary, swivel around, or remain comfortable while enjoying the height, you’d need to check out the functional and aesthetics of the bar stools Australia you wish to purchase for your space.

Choosing bar stools might sound so easy, but there is a little more to pay attention to. Otherwise, you’ll end up in endless trials and errors from one bar stool element to another.

Here are the things to consider when choosing bar stools.

Back or No Back

While shopping around, decide whether you need a bar stool with a back or the backless type. This entirely depends on the time you’ll spend sitting. Some activities, such as your breakfast may be a few minutes. In this case, you may consider purchasing backless stools. You can always order for breakfast bar stools online or purchase them from your local store. If you’re planning to sit for a longer time, a bar stool with a backrest is right for you. Similarly, you may want to consider other things such as young kids in your household and the visual space the bar stools will consume.  


The height of the bar stools you intend to buy is a mandatory consideration as far as comfort and safety are concerned. Before you go shopping, you’ll need to measure the height of the counters, dining tables, or any other high basement from the floor. You may also pay attention to the height of the arms of the bar stools to ensure they do not block comfort when it’s a top priority. The height should be such that users can reach the desired surfaces without straining.


Comfort is key, depending on the frequency at which you use the bar stools. If you need bar seats for longer entertainment hours or if you need them in your work station, you need to check on factors that would deliver maximum comfort. The right cushions and footrests are things to look into if you’re to achieve a high level of comfort. Because you’ll want your body to be more functional and comfortable while using these stools, you must consider the right style, positioning of the footrests, and the angle of the back of your bar stool.


Bar stools can be made of wood, metal, or rattan. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, but this depends more on your preferences. When you demand added comfort, you can opt for wood bar stools. However, these would have to be kept indoors whenever they’re not in use. Metals bar stools are suitable for both indoor and outdoor, as well as more industrial spaces. If you need lightweight, go for the rattan bar stools, but remember to keep them to covered areas.

Once you’ve understood the main factors to consider when making your selection on the bar stools, it will be easier to find the right type of bar tools that have all the qualities you need.