Bed Frame Pros and Cons: How To Find Your Perfect Snooze Spot

A bed is an essential furniture in your bedroom. It’s the furniture on which you spend most of your time while in the bedroom. Therefore, when shopping for a bed, you need to pick a frame that’s well crafted and appealing. Whether you’re shopping for your guest room’s bed or queen bed ensemble online, you should always remember that your choice of bed frame will make or break the entire look of your bedroom.

Have in mind that there are more buying options when shopping for a bed frame other than just matching with your mattress. The following guide highlights some bed frames, as well as their pros and cons, making it easier for you to make the right decision.

Bed Frame for Under Bed Storage

Space is valuable to most buyers who live in small apartments. If you plan to save space in your bedroom, then a bed frame with under bed storage is your better option for achieving a minimalist style. Under storage, beds are designed differently. While specific designs can raise a few inches from the ground to provide space, others have compartments or drawers that can be pulled from the sides of the bed.


  •    Storage beds are designed with a steel frame which is strong, durable and can fold uniquely without breaking.
  •    Storage beds provide tons of storage space with a cohesive unit to keep whatever you need.


  •    They are more expensive compared to other standard beds
  •    Maintenance of the hardware is difficult

The Platform Beds

These types of beds offer a sleeker design than traditional beds. Platform beds give a low-profile look. The frame can support any mattress because of its flat and slatted support surface. They are seriously simple designs that can fit any interior design.


  •    The bed can support any mattress
  •    The bed friendly to small space
  •    The beds are generally cost-effective; they can work without purchasing the box spring.


  •    The bed can be uncomfortable for the side sleepers as it can create too much pressure.
  •    Users must get used to climbing in and out of bed. It is not favourable to people with knee f back problems.

The Upholstered Bed

Upholstered beds are best for comfort. The bed comes with a wide range of specs that makes it super comfortable compared to other types. It is perfect if you love sitting or reading in bed as the headboards are softer and more convenient.


  •    The bed is super comfortable
  •    The foundation comes in a variety of designs to work with your interior


  •    Maintenance is difficult. You need to clean it frequently to eliminate dust and pet hair.
  •    Prone to wear and tear because the fabrics used are less durable

The Canopy Beds

Canopy beds are constructed in a unique and sophisticated style to transform the look of your bedroom. They have extensions of four rods above the mattress to add a sense of style. Canopy beds are designed to provide a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. It also provides you with the privacy you deserve while in your bedroom.


  •    The bed is cozy and feels comfortable in its enveloping design.
  •    Its ultimate stylishness is uncompetitive from other frame designs.


  •    Requires more attention to maintenance
  •    It is difficult to move the bed because of its construction and size

There are many normal and queen sized bed frames for sale, and so you can always choose what works best for you. When going to buy a bed, it’s important that you spend time comparing the expert designs available in the market. Evaluate your personal needs before going for options you have always dreamt of. Ensure you understand the specs of various bed frames. This will ideally make it easy for your purchase decision.